Moist Continental Climate (Cf)

Deciduous forests are in Köppen's C climate category. The corresponding biome is the Deciduous Forest, or Temperate Forest biome. Such forests occur between approximately 25 ° and 50 ° latitude in both hemispheres.

One thing that is interesting about this biome and its climate is that it has four distinct seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Most deciduous forests have mild summers averaging about 70 °F. Summer months usually begin in early June and end in late August. Winter months don't begin until December. Winter temperatures are fairly cool with an average temperature of a little below freezing. Almost all of the world's deciduous forest is located by an ocean. The ocean and the wind are two big factors of why the temperature and climate change so much in this biome.

Climate is a mix of temperature and precipitation. Deciduous forests have almost 14 inches of rain in the winter months and more than 18 inches of rain in the summer.

I hope you enjoyed my report on the climate of a deciduous forest and that you learned a few things from it. Just remember that next time you look out your window you could be looking at a deciduous forest.

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Dec 2 2015- Chris Anderson. 7th grade Science, Whitman Middle School.