White Poplar
Common Names: Silver Poplar
Genus: Populus
Species: alba
Parts Used: wood

Poplars do not live very long. It is illegal to plant poplars along streets in some cities because they clog underground drainpipes and sewers. Poplar wood is light whitish/brownish in color. It is soft, light, and fairly weak. The white poplar has leaves that are silvery white, and the bark on the branches is white. They also have three to five lobes, just like a maple leaf. Poplars grow best in moist places.

Poplar trees are often planted as shade trees because they grow so fast. Manufacturers use poplar wood to make boxes and crates. Papermakers use it for paper pulp. Papermakers also use it to make excelsior,

wood shavings used for stuffing furniture and for packing breakable objects.

Poplar trees are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. About ten of the 35 species of poplar trees are native to North America. Balsam or tacamahac poplar grows throughout Canada. It can live as far north as trees can go and as far south as Northern United States.

by Leah E.  2000



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